You are at risk of getting Lyme disease. All it takes is one bite. You could get bitten the next time you go to your backyard. This could happen anytime from early spring until late fall. You may be under the false impression that because you do not live in […]

Why You Should Care about the Lyme Action Plan

Find the Petition Here. Bill 442, regarding Lyme disease in Canada, was passed into law in December 2014. This bill requires the government to create an Action Plan (known as the Framework). This Framework was supposed to have been written with input from Lyme patients, stakeholders and experts but instead was […]

Lyme Action Plan Petition

Some of us Lyme patients like to call ourselves “chair warriors” (a fun poke at our lack of mobility) and we are all asking for your help with our Lyme Letters Campaign: Imagine going to the doctor believing you’re sick with West Nile. Imagine that the doctor says he will […]

Lyme patients need YOUR voice!

Dear Saskatchewan MP’s:   I am writing to you today regarding the Lyme disease epidemic spreading through our country, and through our province. The existence of Lyme disease in Saskatchewan is currently controversial, as the mainstream medical community denies that ticks carrying the Lyme bacteria, borrelia burgdorferi, are present in […]

An Open Letter to Sask MP’s about Lyme

I have been struggling with Lyme disease for almost 2 years, and my ‘strength reserve’ has been running on low as I am in a constant battle for my patient rights, access to proper treatment & trying to regain my health.   On top of these every day struggles, I have experienced some […]

Why you should “Wear” your Invisible Illness when Travelling

If you live in Saskatchewan and you’re wondering how you can get diagnosed with Lyme disease, the answer is – go to Alberta.   Saskatchewan does not currently have any Lyme Literate doctors that have current knowledge and access to the newest testing methods.   I know of 2 Lyme […]

How to get diagnosed with Lyme when you live in ...

To put it mildly, the way Lyme disease is being handled in Sask pisses me off. It is just so wrong. Most of you have probably read the struggle I had to get a diagnosis. If you haven’t read that yet, click here. You won’t believe what I went through. […]

Lyme in SK: Why I’m Pissed Off at the Province

Lyme disease needs a new name, stat. The name has nothing to do with the disease aside from being “discovered” in the town of Lyme, Connecticut. (It actually existed way before that, it was just called several different things.) The name Lyme often gets confused with it’s citrusy counterpart – Lime, […]

What Exactly is Lyme disease?

I was sick with a mystery illness for just over 1.5 years before I was able to properly get diagnosed with Lyme disease. (I was diagnosed with Lyme in December 2015.) Before that I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia in February 2015 by my family physician. I had accepted his diagnosis […]

My Runaround to get Diagnosed with Lyme

I’ll warn you right now – this is a big ass list. I put them in some kind of structure to make it easier to read. It is not in order of which symptoms I experienced first, or which ones are the worst, or most persistent. (Take note that none […]

My Lyme Symptoms