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Hey thanks for stopping in!

My name is Marilyn (nickname is Mari) and I live and work in Saskatoon, SK. I’m in my mid-30’s (yikes!) and come from a big family. I have 6 siblings, 4 sibling-in-laws, 11 newlings (my word for niece/nephew), and one great nephew (yes, I’m too young to be a ‘great’ anything!).

A bit outdated, but this is my Fam on the farm!

My Fam on the farm! Summer 2012. There have been many additions since then!

I’m the middle child in this close-knit & boisterous bunch that loves to laugh (mostly at each other).

I’m usually the dork in the group, busy being the social butterfly & life of the parr-taay, making lame jokes & laughing at everything. I’m also a bit of a smart-ass which you may pick up on as you read my stories. I’m also that ever-reliable friend who says it like it is.

See, I'm a dork :)

See, I’m a dork 🙂

To understand me better, there are 2 things you should know:

  1. About the family I come from
  2. A trait I have called “HSP” (I’ll explain)


I grew up on a farm near Saskatoon, where mom & dad still live today. Two of my brothers and their families farm as well, so there is a very strong sense of ‘home’. The farm is our happy place. It is so beautiful, peaceful & relaxing, especially in the summer.

Farm 1Farm 2

Farm 6




Farm 9

Farm 1Farm 2





Our parents did an amazing job raising us (well except my oldest brother; they made all the mistakes with him haha. We still love you Real!)

From my dad we learned a strong work ethic, to constantly challenge your mind, to test yourself to the limits, to be aggressive & competitive, and to look out for each other.

From my mom we learned how to care & comfort each other, how to forgive & continue to love, and how to joke & laugh (her family is crazy when it comes to making each other laugh!).

You can guess that growing up with 7 kids in the house there may have been an argument or two… One thing M&D made us do after a fight was to hug each other and say “please forgive me” while the other had to respond “I forgive you”. And we hated it!! Lol. But we didn’t want a spanking so we did it, even though we never meant it!


We love to laugh!

We love to laugh!

I truly think this act of forgiveness (however coerced at the time) is what allowed us to stay so close to one another to this day. We are also fiercely protective of each other. We are all fun-loving-joke-cracking-loud-laughing peeps; but if you mess with one of us you mess with all of us (yikes!).  Moral of the story is that we have each other’s backs – for anything and everything. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing support system. I wouldn’t be able to get through this illness if it wasn’t for my family’s love and support.


The other thing to know about me is a unique trait that I self-identify with called HSP (highly sensitive person), or scientifically known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity. Nope, it’s not about being super in-touch with one’s sensitive side. It is a branch of psychology developed by Dr. Elaine Aron, Ph.D., who coined & continues to research this often misunderstood branch of the psychological world.


About 20% of the population is born with the HSP trait & are thought to have more finely tuned central nervous systems. HSP’s process stimuli (noise, scent, pain, chaos, thoughts, etc.) more deeply than the average person. HSP’s also tend to think about things more than other people do as their brains sort info more carefully & into finer distinctions (doesn’t mean HSP’s are smarter, just think differently).

HSP’s are very perceptive, very aware of their surroundings, are more aware of subtleties (like glances, silent judgements & subtle cues), & notice many things other people do not. HSP’s are highly intuitive, highly conscientious, and tend to have restless minds that are constantly thinking about ideas & concepts and pondering all their various possibilities. HSP’s are also able to learn without being aware of learning – so they pick up and retain new knowledge quickly.


Xmas Eve 2015

Xmas Eve 2015

There are many more nuances of this trait, which I find fascinating, but that is the jist of it. Some of my stories may make more sense with this bit of insight into how my mind works. There are often times when I just know something, but don’t know how I know. It’s because of my trait – my intuition & knowledge (tucked away but filed somewhere in my noggin) connects dots instantaneously & voila – I just know something to be right. I know – it sounds conceited! But it’s a gift I’ve been blessed with & have always valued, even though I am often misunderstood.


(PS – there are many different types of HSP’s – introverted, extroverted, sensation-seeking, etc. Wondering if you may be an HSP? Click here to take the quiz on Dr. Elaine Aron’s website.)

One last word about myself – I love, love, love to laugh. I find that humour can cure most of what ails you. Unfortunately, laughter isn’t the cure to my current ailment of Lyme disease. I wish I had lots of funny stories to share with you about my journey, but that is not the case. Most are sad, and I’m so sorry if I ruin your good mood! I try to inject some humour (possibly inappropriately but whatevs!) wherever I can.


PS – this is the last time I will be using the word “journey” because the last 20 months of my life have been a friggin battle. No joke there.


Anywho, I will end this story with a smile  🙂 Read on my friends, and please share.