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BlogIt’s not easy for me to share my experiences, even though I am a very open book when it comes to most things in my life.  But when it comes to sharing my deepest thoughts & feelings, it’s something I normally keep very private. But I decided that there is more to gain by sacrificing my privacy, putting myself out there and allowing myself to feel vulnerable (which I normally avoid at all costs…)


So I decided to start writing. I am pleasantly surprised at its therapeutic value. Every word that I write or type, I feel all the grief, anguish, frustration, anger, sadness & despair traveling from my heart down my arms & out my fingers to be locked into these pages. And so with each word, I unburden my spirit of the Lymestone stalactites that have been weighing me down for the last 20 months of my life.


I actually have no idea how to blog, so classic me – I did some research! And I am stumbling my way through this, so please bear with me 🙂 I will try to get my vast content up as quickly as I am able, but hey, I have Lyme disease, so it may take me a while!


So if you continue to read through my experiences I ask that you not judge me too harshly because I am exposing my most vulnerable side to everyone when normally I don’t allow anyone access to this part of me. Keep in mind that I may not be able to fully express the feelings & emotions that go along with this illness, but I will do my best. To me, emotion is the point and the power of sharing a story. Also bear in mind that every Lyme disease case is a bit different for everyone. There may be many many similarities but my experiences may be different than yours or someone you know with Lyme.


Also keep in mind that many of my experiences may be similar to anyone with an invisibleInvisible disease or chronic illness. Do you know someone with MS, fibromyalgia, cancer or crohn’s? This may be a window into what they go through emotionally as well.


My main goal for this blog is to raise awareness about Lyme disease. There are so many incorrect “facts” (like Lyme is curable – not true), politicking and plain ignorance that is causing people to go through complete misery trying to regain their health.


I had to go through hell and back just to get a diagnosis; the not knowing what the heck is wrong with your body is unbearable. Being told by your doctor that it’s all in your head is life-shattering. Not knowing if what you have is a life-long disability, or transmissible, or terminal is overwhelming, These thoughts are a constant plague on your mind and they keep you up at night and cast a shadow on everything you do.


Made someone's dayI am learning of more and more people in Saskatchewan that have been diagnosed with Lyme (and of course they weren’t able to get the diagnosis conventionally). My second hope for this blog is to help someone out there who is struggling with their myriad symptoms, not knowing what is wrong with them. I want to be able to help this person who is at a complete loss, like I was, and pave the way for them so they do not have to struggle and suffer as I did.


So please, please, please share one or many of these stories with anyone and everyone you can. There are so many people right here in our province whose lives are being ruined by this disease and I can almost guarantee that no western medicinal doctor is adequately helping them.


I also really want to hear from you!


Whether you have Lyme, know someone with Lyme, or are anyone with a thought, suggestion, feedback, etc., please leave a comment for me and everyone to read!


If you are a dumdum who is only going to leave a comment of anonymous, cowardly hate & negativity, please know that I will delete your ass from my comment section  🙂


I also really want to hear from you if you find information that is more current or accurate than what I have shared. There is new research going on as we speak – oh, and I have Lyme disease, so I make lots of mistakes 😉


Thank you, and good night.



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