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Getting diagnosed and treating Lyme disease is very expensive.


It is expensive because Sask Health does not cover any appointments, tests, treatments or drugs/supplements for Lyme disease. I have to pay everything out of pocket.


My first appointment with my Lyme Literate Doctor was in Calgary in November 2015. The cost of this overnight trip including hotel, food, gas, as well as the appointment & lab test costs was near $1200. My medical costs for Jan & Feb 2016 was almost $1000.


A few examples of things I pay for on a regular basis:

Half hour doctor appointment (via phone): $90

Medical Note for work: $50

Detoxing botanical: $140

One IV Therapy Session: $70

Regular B12 Injections: $85


Luckily, I get reimbursement for some naturopathic treatments through my work benefits (in the long run it’s a mere pittance). I’m having trouble with my benefits company covering some of my prescriptions; at one point I received a letter saying they would cut off all my drug benefits unless I applied to SK Health Special Support Program. Yeesh thanks for the help – I’m not stressed enough!


Lyme also limits my ability to work. I am on the long-term disability plan at work and make 75% of my wage when I am home sick. I am extremely lucky to have such a great plan at work; however, I lose about $1000/month in pay because of this disease. That shit just ain’t right…


heartI fully understand if you are not able to contribute to my medical fund. Please do not feel obligated! For those that wish to contribute, any little bit helps. Having to ask for a “hand-out” is a very hard position to be in, and is very humbling. I Thank you so so much for your help and support, monetary or otherwise.