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I’d like to be very clear: Lyme disease does exist in Saskatchewan.


Disregard what medical doctors tell you. Just ask yours about it – they will give you a weird look and tell you we don’t have “those” kind of ticks here. (Because you know, ticks and the animals they get it from follow our provincial borders….)


I think Saskatchewan can be known as Tick Nation instead of Rider Nation. field 3


I remember a few years back no one was really worried about ticks unless you found one on your dog who had walked through tall grass.


Now they seem to be everywhere!! The year I first got sick, my boyfriend found a tick crawling on him in my bed in Saskatoon; my parents constantly find ticks in their home, even though mom keeps her lawn meticulous, and my nephews come in with ticks on them after jumping on the trampoline. Gross!!


There have been many recent news articles about the increase of the tick population in the province and many public warnings about how to avoid being bitten by a tick. Why? Because you might get Lyme disease!


Yet, Sask neurologists (in particular) for some reason have been trained to give the auto-response “Lyme disease does not exist in Saskatchewan”. And they tell you this in a tone that leaves no room for discussion. Another Saskatoon woman I spoke with who has Lyme disease was told the exact same thing (verbatim) by her neurologist.


Members of my family have told their family physicians that I have been diagnosed with Lyme, just as conversation during their personal appointments. Their doctors give them a dubious look, and tell them in a condescending voice that they would be skeptical about that diagnosis. End of discussion.


I also touched base with a gal who lives near Regina who blogged about her experiences trying to get diagnosed with Lyme, and she’s been contacted by about 100 Sask residents who also have Lyme disease. So ummm, yes I think without a doubt, Lyme does exist in our province.


Tiny ticks bite too, & are more likely than adults to transmit Lyme!

Tiny ticks bite too & are more likely than adults to transmit Lyme!

If you suspect you have Lyme, you may be able to convince your family doctor or a specialist to test you for Lyme disease, but the current testing protocols miss the majority of Lyme cases (like it did for me).

So I find it completely perplexing and beyond frustrating and actually scary that our physicians are being pressured to ignore this disease that is quickly becoming an epidemic. Who is putting this pressure on them you ask? That’s a good question that I would love to have answered.


I have learned from that gal near Regina (who had a meeting with the Sask Health Minister) that physicians take their guidance from the College of Physicians – who takes their direction from the American CDC. Basically, our health system will wait until the Americans change their health policies on Lyme. Talk about follow the leader *eyeroll*.


What do you think about the lack of action by our health care system, and how does this make you feel? Let me know below!



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4 thoughts on “Lyme Lives Here: Saskatchewan – Tick Nation

  • anna

    Wow I had no idea re: Drs refusing to acknowledge much less test someone for lymes disease!! Thank you for bringing attention to this very serious disease!

    • Post author

      Thanks so much for reading! Please share 🙂 It is crazy what is actually happening with this disease but hopefully awareness can help bring about some change!

  • christina

    Hey Marilyn,

    I think This is awful and it needs to be taken care of soon as I think it could be a large epidemi like polio,the plague. I hope by you going into the us you will get more answers and maybe some treatment. I am thinking or you and praying for you. Anyone who can see this stand behind marilyn and get things rolling for Lyne disease in canada.

    Love ya
    Christina Hamoline