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Bill 442, regarding Lyme disease in Canada, was passed into law in December 2014. This bill requires the government to create an Action Plan (known as the Framework).

This Framework was supposed to have been written with input from Lyme patients, stakeholders and experts but instead was written behind closed doors by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The first draft was released with only 30 days for stakeholders to respond with recommendations.

The Framework basically is a report about the current state of Lyme in the country and does not have any actionable items or a clear outline of steps that will be taken. Nor does it have any funding allocated at all for research.

Lyme sufferers need your help convincing Ottawa to reject this draft and to fix it so that it will actually help people.

We need the Framework to proactively work towards:

  • accessing proper diagnostic testing along with viable treatment options, and health care coverage for these expenses
  • updated and accurate reporting criteria to reflect the rising risk in every province so there is a realistic capturing of the real number of Lyme diagnosis
  • creation of diagnostic codes so patients can access disability and insurance coverage
  • physician education using the latest scientific evidence rather than protocols from the 80’s

Random fact: A paper published in 1988 by Canada Diseases warns that aside from ticks, biting flies and mosquitos may also transmit Lyme in endemic areas. 1988. Why was this warning buried?? Why was this warning not investigated and acted upon? Why does Lyme disease continue to be so controversial in the medical community?

We need the Framework to debunk all the politics and whatever other mystery forces are in play that are keeping people sick.

Please sign the Petition – not just for Lyme sufferers but for yourself. You are just one bite away.


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