Having Lyme disease has altered my life in almost every way imaginable. I have over 40 symptoms that affect me neurologically, cognitively & kinetically (and in a host of other ways).   I have no social life anymore. I don’t see 95% of my friends. I barely have energy to […]

Me, With Lyme

My life before Lyme was a flurry of activity; I loved being on the go! I lived a full life and was full of energy and always laughing & making other’s laugh. Here’s a snapshot of my pre-Lyme life:   Loved my intense career as a special constable with the […]

Me, Before Lyme

My honest answer to where and when I got Lyme is:  I don’t know.   I don’t recall being bitten by a tick & I never had no bulls-eye rash. I can tell you for certain that if I had found a tick embedded in my body, I sure as […]

When & Where I Got Lyme

It’s really important for those of us affected by Lyme to be heard and recognized. We need to voice the necessity for change regarding the current Lyme disease policies in Saskatchewan! The more support we can give each other, the better our cause will be. We need to be heard. […]

Lymies Unite!

I’d like to be very clear: Lyme disease does exist in Saskatchewan.   Disregard what medical doctors tell you. Just ask yours about it – they will give you a weird look and tell you we don’t have “those” kind of ticks here. (Because you know, ticks and the animals […]

Lyme Lives Here: Saskatchewan – Tick Nation

Ok, this is my ‘disclaimer’ so to say. I know it’s pretty obvious and really should go without saying, but hey there’s always the guy that doesn’t know McDonald’s coffee is hot.   All the information that I share on this site are my personal experiences, thoughts, and opinions.   […]

Don’t be a Dumdum

It’s not easy for me to share my experiences, even though I am a very open book when it comes to most things in my life.  But when it comes to sharing my deepest thoughts & feelings, it’s something I normally keep very private. But I decided that there is […]

To Blog or Not to Blog