When & Where I Got Lyme

My honest answer to where and when I got Lyme is:  I don’t know.


I don’t recall being bitten by a tick & I never had no bulls-eye rash. I can tell you for certain that if I had found a tick embedded in my body, I sure as hell would remember it! I’ve always thought that ticks were among the grossest of our local insects and I freak if I see them within proximity.


So my best guess about where & when I got Lyme is: the weekend of July 19, 2014 at Cowan Lake, Saskatchewan. (Cowan Lake is just 2.5 hours from Saskatoon. My Lyme Literate doctor also agrees with this best guess.)


Five ticks on a Lego piece

     Five ticks on a Lego piece

Ticks only need to be attached to you for about a minute to transmit Lyme. It’s possible the tick did not stay attached, or the tick was so tiny and in an inconspicuous place that I never noticed it. The thought makes me shudder, ugh.


There is also some speculation that Lyme may be transmitted by other biting insects like mosquitos & spiders, but there needs to be more research on that. I say we just eradicate all biting insects, period. Gross little ‘effers.


SaskatchewanBottom line – please be very tick conscious when you are camping or even in your backyard enjoying the outdoors. Ticks no longer dwell only in tall grass. And make no mistake, Lyme disease IS in Saskatchewan. (Don’t over-freak though – not every tick carries Lyme!)



Some studies show that DEET doesn’t necessarily deter ticks, but they may have more of an aversion to natural repellants containing essential oils. I bought some for this coming summer, so I will keep you posted with what I find out!



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