Why You Should Care about the Lyme Action Plan

You are at risk of getting Lyme disease.

All it takes is one bite.

You could get bitten the next time you go to your backyard. This could happen anytime from early spring until late fall.
You may be under the false impression that because you do not live in an “endemic area” like Saskatchewan or Alberta, you do not have to worry. The truth is that ticks are everywhere in our country. Ticks are on animals like birds, small rodents and large mammals. These animals travel. They do not stop at provincial borders. Ticks are not relocated back to the alleged “endemic areas”.
Unfortunately the government continues to monitor the risk of Lyme using outdated criteria & information. They also continue to endorse a Lyme test that is unreliable.

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you to consider:

Imagine the difference in quality when you watch a VHS movie compared to a Blu Ray. The ‘Big Movie Company’ to this day continues to film using the big ‘ole shoulder camcorder. When their work is scrutinized and they’re given feedback that their film quality is poor, they play back their film on a VHS player and respond that the quality is fine.
Along comes ‘Small Private Company’ who collects the same images using a digital HD recorder. This private company produces a much better film than the ‘Big Movie Company’ because they can see a lot more detail. The ‘Small private company’ is scrutinized and put through several quality control tests, and no fault is found with their methods.
Yet, for some reason the ‘Big Movie Company’ chooses to ignore the latest technology as it prefers to stick with their “tried, tested & true” methodology. It is also in their interest to try and diminish the high def recording because they do not have the time, resources or budget to do any upgrading and don’t want to have any competitors. The ‘Big Movie Company’ ignores the few people who take the time to ask for high def films; it would take a massive amount of complaints before they would bother changing their ways.

Now insert our health care system for the film industry, the government for the ‘Big Movie Company’, and private out-of-country labs with the latest scientific testing for the ‘Small Private Company’. Lyme disease testing & data collection is the film quality.

Now imagine that you desperately need a “Blu Ray” test to figure out what is going on with your sick body. After months of pleading, all you are given is a “VHS cassette”. You go home with this cassette that is no help, you are still sick and have no where to turn. What do you do when NO ONE is helping you get better? Do you stay quietly content with your “VHS cassette” that you can’t use and struggle every day for the rest of your life?
Or, do you appeal to the powers that be and ask that they fix the system so you can access the technology you need to regain your health and get your life back.
Another way to look at this issue is if you or your loved one goes to get screened for a brain tumour. The doctor performs an X-ray and reports that you most likely don’t have a tumour. When you ask if you can have an MRI done to be sure, the doctor scoffs at you and says that the X-ray is the gold standard in diagnosing brain cancer and that those MRI’s are all fluff & nonsense – they are just a cash-grab by the company that designed it. How upset would you be…?
Now you have a sense of what it is like in the Lyme world.
The Lyme Action Plan is currently written to continue using “VHS” and old “X-ray” technology and methodology. The government has chosen to ignore the Lyme sufferers who have been speaking out. Which is why we need YOUR voice to also speak out and say “This is Not Ok! Our health care system can do better!”

So sign the petitions, email your MP, and write a letter to Health Minister Philpott urging her to reject the Action Plan and fix it by using the latest research and scientific findings (of the ‘small private companies’).

To make this easy for you, look below for links to both petitions, a link to an automatic letter to your MP, and an example letter to the Health Minister. There is also a colouring sheet for your little one to have their say – every letter counts!! The Lyme Community needs your voice to sound out in unison with ours! Thank you so much!!

Petition #1 for use in the House of Commons:

Click Here.

Petition #2 for Minister Philpott, Awareness, Media, & to have your voice be heard in the comments:

Click Here.

To send a pre-filled letter of concern to your MP visit:

www.lymehope.ca   (scroll down on the home page)

Typed &/or Hand-written Letters to Minister Philpott can be sent to either:

PO Box 20045 Brant Hills
Burlington, ON  L7P 0A4

Example Letter to Minister Philpott:

Colouring Sheet for Letters to Minister Philpott:

Please help us fix the system before you or your loved ones are affected by this debilitating disease.


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